"OK, I could have never done that. This is great, awesome!" - Князев DA!

“OK, I could have never done that. This is great, awesome!”
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When I watched the video of John at YouTube, I was very impressed.
His story inspired me very much and I post it in the OpenWaterChallenge.
Thanks to Nikita Knyazev  for the help in preparing the text.
DK, jan 2016

John Ellis story, told by himself

About handicapped scuba diving from a small boat without help — filmed at Rainbow River Florida — how to manage scuba gear out of the water — how to get scuba gear in and out of the water without assistance — boat rigged with lift system — boat camping, snorkeling.

Оriginal video

Good morning.

A little introduction video to the video I am doing on handicapped scuba diving, and being able to improvise around your handicap.

from John`s facebook page

A little history on myself, I had a polio when I was 3 years old. I’m 65 years old now, and I adapted all my whole life, which I feel very good about. I did a lot of different things, pretty much everybody else did I did a little different. Scuba diving is one of those, and what I’m doing with this handicapped video is showing how I could improvise to be able to manage the scuba gear by myself. The boat that I’ve got I’ve had for years, and I’ve adapted a lot of ways to be able to snorkel , scuba dive, boat camp, all kinds of water stuff. I can’t go from the beach, so I have to go from my boat.

But to tell you a little about myself, like I said, I had polio when I was 3 years old, I’ve worn the brace my entire life, this brace right here, full length leg brace. My left leg has no muscle at all, I have to wear a complete full length brace on my left leg. My right leg has limited muscle ability, but I don’t to have to wear a brace on it. SO my really I have to depend on my upper body, and that’s what I’m showing here.


I got certified in Scuba Diving in 1983, and I’ve been diving ever since. Wonder dives: Cayman Islands,  Cozumel, all around Florida. Scuba diving gives me a lot of freedom.

Good morning, coming to you life from Rainbow river. And a little project that I’ve been working on mentally for years, and this is the first test to see if it will work. I’m going to show you what I’m doing here. I have a spot which goes down 20 feet, this has to do with my scuba. Scuba equipment is so heavy, I need somebody to help me to get it from the water. But I have rigged up a block and tackle and lift here on the boat, that I’ve just got a u bolt on the back of the boat, and a I fiberglassed the stand of the bottom. I’ve put a galvanised pipe, and with an arm, and then a block and tackle.

I’m going to try to film this as I’m putting this gear together. I just lift my tank up. I’, going take if off the tank. The lift takes two hands to do it. Put the gear on. You have to work this on, to do this, this is unbelievably easy. Ready to go,  made it as far as lifting into the water, but I put a regulator on, and there is an O-ring that ‘s leaking, so I’m not going to be able to do much diving, but at least I’m going to be able to know that I’ll be able to do this. But, Ok, I’m ready to lift it into the water.

Good morning, guess it’s time to get up. Middle of the day yesterday, it was a dive shop that brought snorklers up here, and I asked if they had an O-ring for my tank, and he did, so I put it on, and it fit, so I’m going to dive this morning, and I’m excited about that.

Well it worked. It’s so cool. I’m back in the boat; I’m going to bring up the gear now.

OK, I could have never done that. This is great, awesome!

John’s Facebook page

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