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Three days of scuba daily-diving & three days of liveaboard for divers with disabilities


This project is for divers with disabilities and their accompanying divers only.
Programme: three days of daily diving (from a Dolphin Dancer boat) plus three days of liveaboard diving (on a Nimar boat).
Location: Hurghada, Egypt.
Cost: 455 euro per diver (further details below).

Project Details

  1. The liveaboard diving itinerary will occupy three days and three nights. The 3-day northern route will start and finish in Hurghada, in order to:
    A) reduce the cost of the project;
    B) reduce any psychological barrier for beginners of a long stay in the limited space on board;
    C) try all the diving techniques offered by liveaboard diving;
    D) visit various Red Sea sites – coral gardens, vertical walls, wrecks.
  2. The project is non-profit.
    A) None of the project organizers receives any income, or payments, or bonuses from this project.
    B) The invited instructors are all volunteers, working for free.
    C) Courses arranged during the project are free of charge. Students pay only for PIC and manuals, at the prices set by the PADI office in Egypt.
    D) I also expect that the partners of the project will support us with discounts and other benefits.
    E) All photographs and videos taken and all final materials will be transferred to the participants, again for free.
  3. Only certified divers (OWD PADI and similar, and above) are invited to the liveaboard.
  4. Participation of family members (who are also certified divers) is extremely welcome.
  5. The minimum age of participants is 16 years.
  6. Evidence of medical approval for diving activity is mandatory, for participants with disabilities.
  7. Types of health capacity limitations for which the service team will be prepared:
    – paraplegia, paraparesis;
    – amputations;
    – hemiplegia, hemiparesis.
  8. We will enjoy three days of daily diving from a boat before the liveaboard trip. At this time, you can:
    – update dive skills and knowledge before jumping back into the water.
    – improve skills that you will need on safari (removing the scuba unit and putting it back on the surface, safe entry into and exit from the water, swimming in currents, working with a surface marker buoy, working out partnerships underwater).
    – pass diving specializations.
    – establish an economical style of trim, to determine the real air flow rate.
    – check the working capacity of your equipment, to eliminate possible problems.
    – get used to leased equipment (if required).
  9. Participants must have diving insurance and travel insurance, which take into account the circumstances of their health.

Project Schedule

Arrival of participants, meeting, acquaintance with the organizers. Check-in at the hotel, rest, acclimatization.

Days 1-3 (August 24-26). The start of the daily diving program. The daily schedule is approximately the following:
– 8.00: meet at the diving centre; preparation of equipment, rental of any missing equipment
– 8.30: going to sea
– transfer to the dive site for about 40 minutes
– briefing; then dive for about an hour
– surface interval, including lunch (to be requested in advance)
– transition to a second location (up to 20 minutes)
– a second briefing, and then the second dive
– about 16.00: return to marina.

Day 4 (August 27, Sunday): rest day. Transfer of equipment to a safari boat, check-out from the hotel, settle on the liveaboard boat. Dinner on the boat.

Day 5 (August 28, Monday). The start of the liveaboard diving program (up to three dives). The route will be further specified later. It will offer exactly these attractions: walls, wrecks, drifts, night dives, diving from the zodiac, and coral gardens.

Day 6 (August 29, Tuesday). Continuation of the liveaboard diving programme, with up to four dives.

Day 7 (August 30, Wednesday). Completion of the programme (two dives). Return to port, return to the hotel (or departure).


Three days of daily diving  from August 24 to August 26, 2017.
Three days of liveaboard diving from August 28 to August 30, 2017.


Daily diving program (three days): 105 euro.

The price does not include:
– lunch on the boat. Lunches will be provided on request for 100 Egyptian pounds (about 5 euros) per person.
– equipment rent. If necessary, a set can be rented for 10 euro per day.

Liveaboard diving program (three days and three nights): 350 euro.

The price does not include:
– rent of equipment (if necessary), including torches for night diving.
– 15-liter cylinders.
– nitrox.
– tips for the boat staff.


The Nimar is ideal for this project. Firstly, it is huge (length 39.9 m, width 8.5 m), with a large salon, spacious cabins and a wide dive-deck.
The four luxury cabins will be convenient for guests who use wheelchairs. These cabins are located on the same deck as the salon and dive-deck. Eight double cabins are located on the deck below. All cabins have air-conditioning and a toilet. All the details can be found on the boat’s website.


The registration of participants is shown on the Facebook page of the event


Participants are responsible for cost of their travel to Hurghada, cost of hotel accommodation, or the whole tour package of their choice, from the company that suits them.
I am not a business intermediary or a representative of a travel agency, and I have no commercial interest in the project.
Neither am I a representative of a diving center or an owner of a safari boat. I derive no commercial benefit from the project.
I pay the cost of my participation in the project, at the same prices as every other participant.

These circumstances allow me to discuss all financial issues absolutely freely, openly, and transparently.