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Проект «Подводное кольцо»***

Подводное кольцо
Подводное кольцо

Автор проекта:  Dmitry Knyazev for Deptherapy
Сроки проведения: 2017
Задачи:to support Deptherapy efforts in provide training and advice to dive professionals and dive organisations as to how to adapt scuba diving skills so that those with disabilities might qualify as scuba divers.


What is Deptherapy?

It is a UK based charity that offers rehabilitation through diving.
They run specially adapted scuba diving programmes for seriously injured UK armed service people.
The programme has many proven benefits for the troops.
Their program is by no means limited to current and ex-members of the UK Armed Services, but includes their dependents and similar persons from the “blue light” services and their dependents who have life-changing physical and/or mental illnesses or similar.
The programmes are especially beneficial to those suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and  is supported by senior doctors and has provided startling results.

Underwater ring

Deptherapy primary aim is to support and help ex-members of the UK Armed Services. We work with those who are suffering from challenging life changing mental and physical issues.
We help ex soldiers who have acted heroically in the wars they fought in. We believe that the actions of these brave men should be brought to the attention of ordinary people.
Deptherapy rehabilitates veterans with the help of diving and it is extremely effective. We intend to show that Deptherapy works.
As you are aware, Deptherapy holds an educational camp in Egypt. After training, divers make an underwater ring during their dives. This ring is an inspiring symbol of unity — an association of togetherness. Divers with amputations connect up and breathe and act as one body.
We consider that the most effective way to emphasise our goals and aims will be to   perform a new, symbolic and difficult event, the focus of which will be «The Underwater Ring».
We intend to show how Deptherapy works by creating a new world record in the Guinness book of records. This book is an extremely popular and well read publication and reaches out to thousands of people who are interested in records and record making. It will be the best advertisement ever for our organisation and its aims.

«The Guinness book of Records» has some records with regard to diving. Some are light hearted. Some deal with marketing, recording such events as divers forming the longest line ever made under the sea. Another records are touchingly emotional as the longest scuba dive ever that the diver made the record in honour of her mother.

However, in all the records in that publication related to diving, there is no record for a spectacular underwater ring such as formed by skydivers in the air which was first attempted by them in 1973 . There were only 12 people when skydiving was first attempted – now skydivers form rings with over 200 people.

Our record will not be a copy of the skydiving records. Skydivers are not persons suffering from physical challenges such as amputations and are not suffering from post-traumatic stress disorders. In the main they are fully able bodied people. Skydiving is not intended to be therapeutic but in the main, is done for the thrill of doing it.

So, with Deptheray, as we decided to call our new venture, we had to make a start and one of the first things to consider was whether it was possible. Numerous checks had to be carried out.

A group of skilled diving instructors met in Hurghada, in order to conduct training and to better understand what skills would be most important for executing this exercise.

The parameters for setting the world was determined to be as follows:

  1. At 3 m, the divers equalise pressure and prepare.
  2. They take each others hands, forming a ring. The Divers will start a depth of 5 m
  3. The ring slowly descends. Links between divers would not be temporarily broken even for equalising and inflating air into the BCDs.
  4. At 25m, the descend stops. The ring holds together
  5. The ring slowly ascends. Again, divers would stop cease holding hands for deflating air from the BCDs.
  6. At 5m, the world record would be considered set

We did several dives during the training, in a number of different sequences, not according to the final parameters, but this was important in reaching the main goal. We found that it really is possible to set a world record!
We are absolutely confident that it can be done.

Further conclusions were arrived at

  • Special training will definitely be needed for divers who will take part in the actual record dive. This training can be completed as the adapted Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty course.
  • To participate in the record, divers must be certified at not   lower than AOWD but it would be better if they had an additional «Deep» certification.
  • The rules relating to securit and safety   must be worked out separately.
  • capital a professional video record of the process must be made.

All the preparations should be completed by July, and the record set during the “Red Sea Wreck Liveaboard” around the 12 of July.

We can do it! Let’s do it with Deptherapy!