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02. AMP Fin™ индивидуальные ласты


The custom molded AMP Fin™ is the first and only of its kind in the prosthetic industry. As the name implies, the fin is custom molded over a positive mold of the user’s residuum.  This gives the user a very intimate fit and optimum performance. This style of fin can be utilized by both below and above knee amputees in all aquatic settings.

The custom molded fin comes to the market after years of research and development. We have gone to great lengths to ensure AMP Fin™ users have a secure and comfortable fit, while experiencing peak performance while swimming. Although we cannot fit all residual limbs, most adult amputees can be accommodated. It is our goal to provide our users with the joy and freedom that comes with returning to aquatic sports/therapy in a safe manner.


  • Above and below knee amputees
  • Single and bilateral amputees
  • Ease of donning and doffing (putting fin on and taking fin off)
  • Buoyancy


  • Upper extremities
  • Very long or very short residuums
  • Pediatric users