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02. Перчатки Darkfin Power Glove


The finest, high-performance water propulsion and paddle glove on the planet!

This is the original webbed glove, handmade and purpose built to enhance your aquatic sports experience. Used by World Surfing League champions, Guinness World Record divers, pioneers of whitewater river boarding, and thousands of freedivers, surfers, scuba enthusiasts, snorkelers, swimmers, and kayakers the world over.
What makes a Darkfin Power Glove paddle power so superior to the competition? Three main features:

Nano Cellular Bonding Process
The entire glove, including the webbing, is made from 100% true natural latex. It gives Darkfin Gloves several advantages:
— ultra-thin, .9mil “second skin” fit to keep water out,
— natural biodegradability (we hate beach and ocean trash too), and most importantly;
— our exclusive Nano Cellular Bonding process — or NCB — is how we attach the webbing to the glove. It allows for a seamless, non-adhesive bonding at the cellular level, resulting in no structural weak points like a conventional stitched or glued on web.

3-D Webbing Profile
By using our Nano Cellular Bonding process we’re able to affix the webbing to the back of the glove to create the only 3-D web profile in the business. This exclusive design allows for a whopping 70% increase in surface area compared to using your bare hand for propulsion! Since the 3-D webbing is made of latex and bonded to the glove, it’s able to move with your fingers allowing you to vary the resistance level of the glove.

Cotton Flocked Finish
One of the most inconvenient aspects of wearing gloves is the loss of dexterity. Manipulating small mechanical parts can be cumbersome, achieving and maintaining a solid grip challenging, and forget about tactile feedback. Not with Darkfin Gloves! We start with an ultra thin latex glove for maximum sensitivity and then add our exclusive Cotton Flock Finish to the entire surface of the glove. The cotton fibers embed themselves in the latex — and when activated with water — provide superb grip.

Finally, we know one size doesn’t fit all. Darkfin Power Gloves are offered in an industry leading 12 different sizes! We make gloves to fit the most petite female hands, to beefy lumberjack paws. We’ve even got a few for the kids as well! Made in USA
Tip: If you’re concerned about water entering the glove at the wrist, we recommend trying the next size down. The glove is supposed to fit tight but not uncomfortable!


Алексей Клюев на погружении на 40 метров. Алексей использует перчатки Darkfin Power Glove.