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05. TRS Freestyle Swimming Td


The Freestyle Swimming Td. is a recreational accessory designed to be used with a custom swimming prosthesis for those interested in high performance or competitive swimming capability.

The design which mimics a folding wing reduces resistance during stroke recovery but flares open to provide maximum resistance during the power stroke. The device can be rotated to optimize various swimming strokes and styles. The wings can be fixed in a flared position for treading water and water aerobic exercise. The Freestyle comes in an adult size but can be easily modified down to conform to smaller hand displacements using standard shop equipment such as band or jig saws and belt sanders. (3.4 ounces, 6 inches long x 5.5 inches wide). 1/2 inch diameter, threaded stainless stud fits all standard body powered, mechanical prosthetic wrists. No cable is required.