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Mahmoud Shalaby. Вдохновитель, мотивационный спикер, тренер. ***

My name is Mahmoud Shalaby.
I’m 32 years of age, and was left quadriplegic 11 years ago due to an unforeseen accident that occurred during a training exercise at the Police Academy located in Cairo, Egypt, which is where I studied during my university years.
I found my purpose of life (Coaching, Inspiring, Motivating and Helping People ) after I had that accident.
Since then, I’ve developed a lot of mixed emotions regarding my condition, but today I stand tall and happy, relieved that I was given another chance to enjoy life, and to be able to breathe. Due to that feeling, I was inspired to try to help others, especially those who are unaware of the potential ability they may have.

Many individuals have an abundance of opportunity, yet they lack the mindset to realize it and act on it. They are strong-willed; however need a shoulder to lean on, a push, motivation and a hand-shake every now and then, regardless of their condition.  It is my desire to illuminate the lives of others so they might acknowledge and live out their own greatness.

I’ve the unending ability to see possibility and excel in the midst of any circumstance so I facilitate transformation and focus strongly in the areas of self-discovery, self-development, and self-love because I believe that it is not until we truly know, love, and accept who we are that we can give true love and acceptance to others.
I also believe that the key to achieving lifelong health, wealth, happiness and peace involves «self acceptance» plus setting small, measurable, and attainable goals along the way.

During the past few years I have taken part in various activities, despite my lack of hand and leg movement. These activities include swimming, horseback riding, sand boarding and scuba diving and to become world’s first quadriplegic who demonstrates these activities in form of motivational documentary.
And I still intend on taking part in various other activities.
I have had the honor of speaking at; World Meditation Day, International Breast Cancer Awareness Day, British university in Egypt, Arab for Science and Technology Academy, Police Academy, World Rotary Youth Day, Egypreneur Forum (Entrepreneurs Network) and being a guest on Radio and TV stations.

Certifications and Education:

  • I hold a Bachelor’s of Police-Science and laws .
  • I hold a Diploma of Self-Actualization-Psychology
  • I’m a Certified Coach from the American Board of NLP
  • I’m a Certified Meta Coach from the Meta-Coach Foundation
  • I’m a Certified Resolve Coach from Transformations International
  • I’m a Certified Strategic Intervention Coach from the Robbins-Madanes Center.

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